Growing a Twitch stream sounds like a daunting task for new streamers, especially in such a saturated market in 2018. Just about all gamers have a deep desire to build an audience on Twitch, but not all gamers realize how much work it’s going to take. Gaining attraction doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Growing an online community, no matter the platform takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

With over 2 million Twitch streamers (and growing) who want the spotlight, you’re going to have to really stand out. But before we dive into standing out amongst the crowd, let’s go over some basic necessities to get you started. Below is a list of five tips that I feel will benefit your Twitch endeavor. Guaranteeing the spotlight is not something I can do, but rest assured, following these basic tips will help propel you in the right direction.

Stream consistently

If you expect to grow a following and a loyal community on Twitch, expect to stream consistently. This is crucial to your growth. Without a consistent schedule, growth will pretty much be non-existent. Streaming once or twice a week sounds consistent, but that won’t cut it. You need to be dedicated to the craft and stream almost on a daily basis, around the same times. Yes, we are being serious! Make sure your schedule is prominently displayed across your social media accounts, as well as your Twitch account.

Just as people tune into their favorite TV show, they will tune into your live Twitch stream. You want to let your audience know you’re serious about growing a community. Remember, Twitch is a form of entertainment for others, so make their stay feel welcomed and as if they were chilling on the couch with you.

Interact with your audience

Streaming consistently is awesome, but if you’re not interacting with your chatroom, you may as well not stream at all. People want to feel included and when they go out of their way to say hello, you should say hello back. Remember when we said you should make their stay feel welcomed and as if they were chilling on the couch with you? This also applied here. Remember, these are real people, not virtual.

Spark up a conversation after they say hello. Ask them how their day was. What they had for dinner. What their occupation is. Simply put, get to know these people. Not only should you be interacting, but show these individuals that they care and you want to get to know them.

Talk when no one is listening

This one is going to make you feel as if you’re a psychopath of some sort, but stay with me and you’ll understand why it’s so crucial. Yes, when starting a stream, you’re going to run into the inevitable – there will be times where you are the only one. We all start from zero, so don’t be discouraged when your first few streams have zero people in chat. It’s a part of growing!

When this happens, it’s vital that you continue to engage with your audience….

Wait a minute, how can I engage with my audience if no one is there. Yup, you guessed it. Talk to yourself!

Talking to yourself when there is no one listening actually makes sense. Think about it. How many times have you gone to a small stream only to leave when nothing has been said for nearly a minute. It’s awkward. It doesn’t make you want to engage with that person. On the contrary, what if you went to that same stream and they were talking. Almost as if they were engaging with a chatroom, even if there wasn’t anyone to engage with? Chances are, you’d stay!

The real question is how do you talk about something when no one is giving you feedback to talk about? Well, that’s simple! Talk about what’s going on in the game, almost like a play-by-play as if you were making a YouTube video. It’s going to feel awkward at first, but after a few streams of doing this, it’ll come natural and you won’t even feel like you’re doing it. Before you know it, you’ll have an audience!

Share your stream

Once you’ve hit that live button and you’re implementing the tip where you talk when no one is listening, how do you expect to have your friends, family, and followers know you are live. Sure, they’ve followed you on Twitch, but not everyone is waiting on Twitch for you to go live. How do you get people to come to your stream? Well, that’s simple. Share the heck out of your stream!

If you haven’t created accounts on popular social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc…), you need to do so as soon as your done reading this article! Utilizing where people spend their time is crucial. Every time you go live, make a post throughout your accounts to alert people that you’re live. Another awesome way to promote your stream is by putting your Twitch link in the bio sections of all your social media accounts. This will let people know you’re a Twitch streamer and you’ll likely gather some more followers. Hey, everyone counts, right?

Just keep in mind, you don’t want to spam multiple times while you’re live. Spamming will likely result in unfollows and if you’re trying to grow…well, you know.

Your audio quality matters

So many new streamers focus on their video quality, specifically their webcam. Don’t get me wrong, having a high-quality stream is something you should be focused on, but having the best webcam isn’t what’s going to make or break your stream. If you have a computer that can handle streaming and you have a few bucks extra to upgrade your hardware, we’d recommend spending as much as possible on your audio gear.

If your stream looks jaw-dropping but we can’t understand a word you’re saying, we are going to leave the stream and likely never return. On the contrast, if your video quality is subpar but your audio quality is great and we can have a conversation with you, we’ll likely return.

Display a beautiful overlay (BONUS)

Speaking of having a good quality stream, displaying notifications is huge for user engagement. Encouraging the audience to interact by doing an action to have their name pop up on stream is a great way to gather a new loyal fan. Nearly all streamers have overlays that help user engagement and a sense of personality to a stream. If you have all the hardware to stream and you need that extra bit of customizability, we’d highly recommend purchasing some overlays.

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There you have it. A few tips to get your new Twitch stream up and running, hopefully gathering new followers by the day. What are some ways you build your audience? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.