2018 is has officially been beat and it’s time to conquer 2019. As plans are in action for 2019, I just wanted to take a moment and look at the growth of Live Overlays since it’s launch in early 2017. Most importantly, I’d like to extend the deepest of thanks to all of you who have visited the site and purchased an overlay. Without your support, I wouldn’t be able to keep the site live.

Thank you!

When launching Live Overlays, I had a vision to provide quality graphics for new streamers. As a full-time designer and web developer, I wanted to extend my services at a very affordable rate. As a streamer myself, I knew how valuable it was to have professional graphics.

From the start, I didn’t expect much. It was purely a test to see what would happen and I’m glad I took the dive. I’ve made some incredible friends and clients along the way.

Google Analytics

As someone who has been in the online space for many years, you always hear more grounded influences tell you that numbers don’t matter. You shouldn’t pay attention to numbers. Ya-da ya-da ya….

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you might think. In the start of the website, I was very discouraged that users weren’t visiting. That no one was purchasing. Even though it was a side-hustle type of site and I wasn’t taking action to market the product, I still felt discouraged.

Let’s take a look at user activity since launch, just to get a better perspective of things.

Between November 15, 2016 and December 31, 2017, I had 15,130 Pageviews. As a side project not expecting much, that is a great number. In that same time period, I accumulated 105 sales through the site, making a total profit of $981.45.

As a side project making roughly $81 a month, I was happy. It was covering the costs of web hosting and to be honest, I wasn’t doing much. It was basically passive income.

At the end of 2017, I decided to dedicate some more time towards Live Overlays. Marketing myself in smaller streamers, opening up an affiliate program, slightly altering the design to better attract sales, and even changing up the pricing.

Let’s take a look at user activity in 2018, as well as revenue/sales.

In 2018, we had a pretty decent jump in user activity. With 27,887 Pageviews, up 12,757 since launch, I’ll take it! That’s an increase that I’m happy with, especially since we didn’t do anything drastic.

Believe it or not, I haven’t added anything new (design wise) to the website since late 2017, so to grow in rank on Google and have an increase in Pageviews is something I’m very happy about!

In 2018, Live Overlays accumulated 129 orders, making a total profit of $1,257.23. Once again, a decent increase considering nothing new was really offered, just simply alteration to attract more sales. I guess it worked!

Perhaps it’s time to take Live Overlays seriously? While it’s not my full-time job, an extra ~$104 a month is awesome. I know Live Overlays has what it takes to make a significant profit growth and use growth in 2019, I’ll just need to take action. It’s a no brainer since it’s still growing and I’m doing nothing more since day one.

Move Forward

In 2018, I took on a new full-time position as the Graphic Designer and Web Developer to a telecom company based out of Arizona. Part of my job is to work closely with our marketing team on incorporating new ideas and designs to continue growing our audience and push sales. Needless to say, I’ve learned a few tricks that I’m going to incorporate with Live Overlays.

New Designs

First and foremost, I’m going to have a pretty strong focus on creating new designs for the website. After all, the only product on this website is graphics for streamers, so focusing on creating a wider variety is something very crucial. 

Right now, we have a very limited selection of graphics to choose from, which is hindering our growth. How can we be a graphic company for live streamers if our catalog is only one page? Doesn’t stand out, does it?!

Webcam overlays are our best selling category of products, so we will be focusing on releasing Webcam overlays and complete packages based around that webcam overlay. We’ve learned not everyone is looking for a complete package, which is why we sell individual assets of each package separately. This was a big move that helped boost sales in 2018, so we won’t be letting that go!

Tips & Tricks

Ever since starting my official online career, I’ve always taken a huge interest in blogging. More specifically, blogging about topics that help others grow their own online business.

In the coming year, there will be many blog posts relating to streaming. Topics could include budget equipment, professional equipment, tips on gaining more followers, tips on what to do with donations for tax purposes, etc…

Helping people is something I love to do. Remember why I started Live Overlays? I wanted to provide quality graphics at an affordable rate. Not everyone can afford the top designers and I don’t want those people to be left out, so Live Overlays is here to help in more ways than one!


Since launching a little over two years ago, we’ve received a lot of emails after purchase on how to setup their new overlays to work with popular software such as OBS. As much as I love helping the community, I don’t have the time to reply to each email coming in asking to guide them through the setup process, so I have an idea!

I’m going to be making a guide section on the website explaining how to do certain things based on popular questions we’ve received over the last few years.

Some guides I plan on creating:

  • Setting up your overlays with OBS
  • Setting up your panel graphics
  • Setting up alerts for donations, followers, etc…
  • How to customize usernames with our Photoshop Source Files

These are just a few examples of the guides I want to create. In return, this should help with the influx of emails I receive on certain topics, as well as give us a slight boost in Search Engine Optimization.

The whole purpose is to make the process seamless and simplistic. The mere fact I’m receiving emails is showing I’m not doing my job to completion. Everything from browsing, checkout, to setup should be seamless!

2019 Goals

I want to make sure I document some goals to accomplish for Live Overlays during 2019. Moving forward, the plans are set in stone, but if no results are made, were those plans really worth my time and energy? 

Better quality. I always strive for better and will not take anything less. Making sure our quality meets my expectations in huge, but I know there is room for growth.

Logo Creation. Currently, I do not offer logo design with Live Overlays. Since I’ve always aimed towards those just starting out, usually with a smaller budget, I decided to leave this service off the site. In 2019, I plan to add this as a new service as I’ve received numerous requests regarding this. Pricing has not been figured out, but keeping it budget oriented is something I will strive for.

Improve Our Design. I’m a huge fan of our current design, however, just like our overlay quality, there is always room for growth. Making sure the design of our website stays modern and has an easy-to-use interface is very important to me. Also, there may be a color change in the future.

Opening A Newsletter. Having a newsletter is a great way to grow your online business, especially if you sell a product. As my plans for 2019 are to grow Live Overlays, I feel having a newsletter is very important. This will be a great opportunity to reach those who are interested in the company and let them know about new products, as well as any upcoming promotions! Something I still need to figure out is a hook. How will I get people to signup for the newsletter? If you have any input, I’d love to hear from you!

2018 was a great year for Live Overlays. I just want to say thank you for reading this post, truly means a lot. My question to you: What is one area you think Live Overlays could improve on? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you for a phenomenal year. Here’s to 2019!